If as I am you are a fan of Mark Todd, you may be interested in a limited mini zine he has for sale on his website. It is a collection of some of the altered Marvel comic covers from the last 4 years.
COMIC COVERS is designed by Mark Murphy and contains 22 pages of full colour beauty
Measuring up at 4"X 6" and only costing $5 plus $2 shipping to the UK.
This could be on your doorstep for less than £5 and will do me until I can afford an original
CLICK HERE to buy something nice from the one and only Mark Todd.


Fake has dropped a paper version of his Fake Kate image. Available from his Big Cartel shop HERE for £75
Fake Kate is an edition of only 15
Measuring up at 70cm x50cm
Spray paint on 360gsm art paper
Signed and numbered by the artist

Fake Home
Fake Shop
Fake Flickr



On my way out of the recent Pure Evil show I picked up a copy of Artswipe #1, folded it up and pocketed it. I found it on the train home and it made for good reading, plus the added attraction of the offer of a Pure Evil print for £35 (above) made me have a look online to see what it was all about.
Available to pick up for free in London and Brighton or to download as a PDF from the artswipe web site, I contacted Mark from artswipe for a few words and this is what he had to say for himself:
"Artswipe is about giving the very skint among us be that because of joblessness or age the chance to get a little insight into an artist via an interview and also have something to stick on the wall for nothing. The very slightly better off can have a limited edition, signed and stamped screen print of the image for a very reasonable sum, in the case of the Pure Evil print £35 plus £7 P&P" Mark goes on to explain
"I wanted to make something that had a physical presence rather than being solely web based. I like the way newspapers feel and smell and the noise they make when a page is turned. I also wanted to produce something to read that was as completely free of pretention as street/urban art is, you will not find "artspeak" in Artswipe! Sales of the prints fund the printing of the paper so if things go well I can carry on producing issues with some "name" artists and also lesser known people to help them get some attention.
The next issue should be out in the autumn and will feature interviews with and prints by Eine, Swifty, and Dr D. The prints will probably be 3 colour editions of fifty. The Swifty print will be on the web site very soon and looks great, I would welcome straightforward honest writing about any aspect of urban contemporary art, printmaking, pop up galleries etc, also suggestions for artists to feature in future issues"
Sign up for the Artswipe mailing list to keep up to date on the new issue and print releases.

Pure Evil



I had the good fortune last night to be invited to the opening of the Artival Mosaic show at the Signal Gallery in London and have to recommend a vist if you are in the area, the show runs until the 23rd August.
The urban mosaic show is the culmination of six months of workshops led by Carrie Reichardt and Mark Wydler of the arts collective aka The Treatment Rooms.
Along with DATA, Matt Small and other artists, they have inspired, supported and worked alongside SHP clients to produce this exhibition, open to the public from 21-23 August.
On the afternoon of Saturday the 22nd August Artival will be throwing a party the Queen of Hoxton in Shoreditch (12pm - 7pm) Matt Small, Carrie Reichardt, Mark Wydler will be in attendance along with DJ's and Comedians.
Have a look HERE for the full line up and details
The charity that will benefit from these good deeds is SHP, links below will fill you in on all you need to know.


Dave Kinsey has just dropped 3 new prints RECYCLE I, II, III
Measuring up at 12" x 9" these are 2 colour screenprints on 100% cotton rag.
Signed & numbered and only $25 each.
Available NOW through BLK/MRKT


Police Line
2 Dolk prints,now dropped and online.

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I went, I saw, I photographed. You can have a look at my photos over at the artbleat Flicker
There are 3 hand finished Invader prints out soon via Laz, I did try to find out a bit more info about them however it seems to be a tightly guarded secret. As soon as I get more info I will post it up.
You can however feed your hunger for Invader print art at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York who still have some signed Rubik Abbey Road prints for $300 plus shipping.

Jonathan Levine Gallery
Laz Gallery



So its always good to start where you left off, I have had a nice break from the blog and on returning I am very pleased to see this lovely Jason Thielke print in my inbox.
This print is titled Mystic and is in a signed and numbered edition of 50,
Measuring up at 27" X 22" this is an archival giclee on Embossed Hahnemühle Velvet Paper
Mystic is set to drop on Friday, August 14th at 10am Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). (around 5pm UK time)
It will be available directly at the following link: LINK
Costing $175 plus postage.