Just noticed this very fine editioned linocut print by Blink. Available direct from the artist for the paltry sum of only £20 plus postage. You can order one HERE 

Blink: Microphone Head.
Measuring Up at: 11.7 X 8.3 inches
Signed, Numbered, Stamped edition of 30 
£20 plus P&P



Me and my trusty sidekick (camera) took a late afternoon stroll down to east London on Friday to take in a couple of events. By far the most thought provoking and witty was Mobstr's first London (inside) show.
I quite like the idea that the work on display is in the most cases insulting the intelligence of the stuffy Art fraternity and casual viewer alike and taking the rise out of any potential buyers.
You should catch this if you are in London as it threatens to be one of the main events in this years urban/street art calender, I'm not sure when the show ends so get a move on.
There are a few more of my photos on the artbleat facebook page HERE, and more on Mobstr's website HERE with prices and contact details.



Added some more photos to the artbleat facebook page HERE
If you want to see the DRB work in the flesh then you will have to get moving as the show closes on 11th May.
Ben Oakley Gallery, Greenwich, London SE9.  

Firestarter is the name of DRB's latest show. Opening tonight (Friday 2nd May) at the Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich, South London.
Doors 6:30 
Facebook Event page HERE.
The show only runs until 11th May so don't miss this one.
We will be taking the camera down to document the opening night, drink some beer, talk to arty types and eat the fancy biscuits.



Outsiders will drop Hush's latest print Nubian Princess on-line at around 4pm (BST) Thursday 1st May.
This print is a 14 colour hand-pulled screen print with "UV varnish over the figure and parts of the patterns to highlight the textural overlays of the screen inks and paper."
The Print will be accompanied by a 2nd print given free as a gift from Hush.
The free print will be a 3 colour, signed and numbered mini-screenprint based on the artist's original pencil drawing.
You can pick one up HERE 

14 colour screen print with UV gloss varnish on 300gsm Somerset Satin paper
Signed and numbered edition of 200
74 cm x 52 cm

Free Give away mini-print by Hush