UPDATE 28/04/2012
artbleat managed three London shows on Thursday night, starting off with an early preview of the Zero Cool, Rone X Tom French show. The skull work from Tom didn't disappoint, I love the way the close up image of the (to me) out of love couple, transforms into the skull as you back away from the work.
Any old punks reading this should know "All is Vanity" by C.Allen Gilbert so this idea is not new, but Tom brings it up to date with a more urban and slightly more horrific feel.
I did take more photos of Tom's work and the Rone paint on collage pieces, but due to a serious malfunction with the state of the art artbleat camera (err..I dropped it) I only have these two iphone snaps to bring you. So another visit is on the cards next week. The show is only open until May 1st so you better get your skates on if you want to catch it.

There seems to be a bucket full of preview shows on in London on Thursday evening, this one in London Bridge interests me, I must admit I don't know much about Rone but am happy to be enlightened.

Tom French however I do know from his picture inside a picture skulls, so I'm looking forward to seeing some new ones. 
This show is titled Don't Look Back.

Photos to follow if I make it down.
More info on the Show at ZeroCool HERE    



Static will have a lovely new 19 layer screen print released to coincide with their Moments of Clarity show at Whisper Gallery, London.The print titled Thalia will be available to pre-order from the gallery during the preview evening on Thursday and then online from Friday 27th April.

Paper Edition
19 layer screen print with iridescent silver background with hand sprayed spot varnish  
300 gsm fabriano paper56 x 56 cm
 Edition of 50

8 Unique colourway editions will be available exclusively from the opening night of the exhibition priced at £295.00



So another art packed Thursday evening approaches, I'm not sure how many beer laden P.V's I will make But for the ones I do I will have the trusty artbleat camera with me to give you an idea of what you are missing if you can't get down, and maybe a few photo tweets along the way.

UPDATE 22/04
So this is the queue about 30 minutes after doors opened at the Stik show.
It didn't take much thought to realise we would be standing in line for ages to see some paintings of stick men that a 5 year old could knock up. So off to Pure Evil Gallery it was.

Ahh! much better. No Queue, lots of beer, and loads of wonderfully crafted cans. Each with their own emotions and all calling to me. I will throw some images up on the artbleat facebook page in the next day or two.

Didn't make either of the Roa shows as we spent a silly amount of time wandering around east London with a drop map on a fruitless task to find some MyDogSighs cans.


Well! What a wonderful early morning treat, the magnificent Jungil Hong has a new print released by Tiny Showcase.
Just feast your eyes on Untitled#9 and all for $25

Jungil Hong: Untitled#9
290gsm natural white printmaking paper made from 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton.
10" X 8"
Edition of 100
$25 plus $4 shipping



I thought I had better throw these up here fast as the last time Replete released some of his Origami Dollar Planes they didn't last too long.
One of a kind pencil and spray paint sketches at £40 a pop.
   HERE at Replete's Shop
 F-22 Raptor Fighter
F-15 Eagle Fighter



Earlier today I got an email from Static regarding their up and coming London show Moments of Clarity at Whisper Fine Art.
The show doesn't kick off until the P.V. on 26th April but I could not resist posting a few of the teaser images.
There will be a print release at the beginning of the show and another mid show that will be done in the gallery as a live print.
Throughout the show Static will be acting as artists in residence, transforming the gallery window into a "signature layered artwork" as well as giving visitors a chance to see them at work.
I will post again nearer the date of the show and see if I can twist their arm for an early look at the Print release.



OOH! Just dropped fresh into my in box is a mail from Opera Gallery to announce a London show by Blek Le Rat " The rat who gave birth to Banksy"

The show starts on Friday 27th April to 17th May 2012 and there will be a free signed and numbered print given away to the first 100 people through the doors from 10 am.
Online Catalogue HERE


1XRUN has dropped a print by Ellis Gallagher which features one of his chalk shadow drawings.
Available in silver or gold and each hand finished by Ellis.
If you don't know about Ellis's work then you can do no worse than have a quick look at his website HERE  

 "Bleecker Street Mailbox"
18 x 24 on Silkscreen on 140 lbs. Black French Paper
Silver Edtion of 25 @ $100
Gold Edition of 20 @ $150
I pinched the images below from Ellis G's website just to get you to take a deeper look at his work.



So.....due to me not reading the flier below properly, I thought that the opening night of David Bray's new show was tonight (Friday) and only found out my error early Thursday evening, and by the magic of Twitter would you believe, so sorry no photos of what I'm told was a cracking night.
The show goes on to the 29th April and from what I have seen so far looks amazing.
There was a very limited edition print titled Association released on the night, IF there are any left they should pop up on the B.O.G. web store soon.

David Bray Association
2 Colour Screen Print on Somerset Buff Velvet with a Deckled edge
Measuring up at 25cm X 28cm
Edition of 20
Cost £55



Update 09/04
Added a few inside photos and adding a lot more to the artbleat facebook page HERE

With the magic of the mobile blogging app in my pocket, I'm going to attempt 5 Show openings tonight and still get home in time to put up some photos.
Updates through the evening.
9:30pm Well nearly, I just didn't get my five a day, I had hoped to make it to the Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich for the David Bray show.

Tonys: PEZ

Signal Galley: Joram Roukes

Pure Evil: Crossie

Print Club: The Fantastic 45


Eelus has a new print dropping over at his Freakshow Projects store today around 2pm UK time.
This is an edition of 150 for £150 but expect a few A/P colour variations

Eelus: See What I Saw.
7 Colour screen print on Somerset satin white 300gsm with 1 deckled edge.
Measuring up at 55cm X 65cm
Edition of 150


Pure Evil Gallery hosts the first solo show from Crossie.
Opening night is tonight (Thursday 5th April) I have seen a very small amount of Crossie's work and been impressed, I'm looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us.



Signal Gallery has the opening of Joram Roukes Oils show on Thursday night.
I know I like the work I have seen so far this week and that's about all I do know about this Dutch artist, Well that and the press release info that you can find over at the Signal website. I am going to head down, snow permitting, and point my camera at the walls. Expect some photos over the weekend. 

There will also be a draw/giveaway of one of Joram's drawings on the night. If you like the sound of that but can't make it down you can also enter the competition on the Signal Gallery Facebook page HERE to colour one of Joram's drawings and win a print of it