Red propeller have dropped their 2nd ltd print by Ill Joseph, titled l'iremmediable this is from an edition of only 45
Measuring up at 30cm X 44cm you can pick one up for £45 at the link HERE.



I am not sure what to expect from the Signals Beyond Punk show tonight, with the theme being more artist than art related it promises a night of surprises if nothing else. Cant wait to see Jamie Reid, Gee Vaucher and Guy Denning work hung on the same wall (hang on sounds like my house) along with some Shepard HPM's. Dale Grimshaw is painting the outside wall and I will have some photos up tonight if I make it home.
The guest list for this is now closed, however there is a lovely big window in the front of the gallery so there is nothing stopping you from popping down and giving Adam Ant a wave.
Signal Gallery



VNA 12 launches on Thursday night at the Pure Evil gallery. A full evening of fun and frolics is promised with entertainment provided by Pure Evil and the Prehistoric men who will be playing live and Mr Jago doing some live painting. Drinks will be provided by Kopparberg, plus there will be 100 screenprinted limited edition versions of VNA for sale (150 printed on VNA 12 covers... 100 available on the night) Plus lots of VNA x Roa give-aways too.



I have put some photos from the show on the artbleat flickr HERE ,enjoy.

Looking forward to catching this show NYC's Specter at Pure Evil Gallery in east London. The photo is from pure Evil's basement and below this is the press release. SPECTER SOLO SHOWPURE EVIL GALLERY 5th– 24th August 2010
Private View Thursday 5th Aug 6-9pm
Introducing Specter’s UK debut Solo show, bringing an unique portrayal of the socially marginalised, all the way from the streets of Brooklyn, New York.
Specter creates installations and street artwork displayed in abandoned buildings and forgotten spaces to draw attention to the urban situation which is the inspiration for his creative concepts.He evolves the subject matter by interlacing influences from the environment he chooses to adorn, incorporating characteristics from the surrounding neighbourhoods, architecture, local business and social economic classes; transforming the unwitting publics’ understanding of the space.
Through graffiti influence, he became obsessed with art in public spaces, where he sees potential inspiration and appropriate location to express his creativity. His aim is to deconstruct preconceived perceptions and draw attention to the neglected and less desirable issues, the non-sensational stories of the undervalued detritus of our culture we seldom hear about.
Recent works combine painting and drawing using representational and figurative aesthetics.