Alaric Hammond has a show titled From Cheek To Blushing Cheek opening on Shoreditch High Street this week.
Alaric, sometime collaborator with the Insect design collective, had his debut UK show back in 2012 with the Outsiders, in his home city of Newcastle and has since gone on to show in Tokyo and Berlin.
This being his first London solo showing promises traditional monotype works on paper, Intaglio etching and photo etchings from collaged film, which are then worked over in charcoal, oil sticks and inks. On canvas, Alaric employs mixed media techniques as the foundations of finished painting.

The show opens at Forge & Co Gallery on the 30th Oct with a PV and then from the 31st Oct to 7th November to the general public.

Have a look at more of Alaric's work on:



1XRun will be releasing their second print by UK artist Dale Grimshaw at 5pm UK time today (23/10)
Finders Keepers comes in at only $65 and is in an edition of only 30.
There is also a hand embellished run of 15 that comes in at $125.
Sign up HERE to be ready for the drop.

Dale Grimshaw. Finders Keepers.  
17 x 17 Inches Archival Pigment Print on 310gsm Fine Art Paper,
Edition of 30



Moniker is over for another year. Not as good as previous years seems to be the verdict on the streets of London but still a fine effort, and at times very busy.
I have a few images here to give you the feel of it and loads more on the artbleat Facebook page.



This Tuesday Faile will be unleashing their latest tome upon the baying public.
Works on wood will be a 320 page, hardback full colour book published by Gelstalten.
As is usual with Faile there are a number of special editions, including two housed in screen printed and hand painted wooden slip cases.
You can expect the drop at Mid Day NYC / 5pm UK at Faile HQ

FAILE: Works on Wood
Process, Paintings and Sculpture
Signed Studio Copies
Price: $68
Released on Faile.net HERE

New York Special Edition
Wood Sleeve Signed Works on Wood Book
Edition of 100
Release October 21st via Faile.net HERE

Berlin Special Edition
Wood Sleeve Signed Works on Wood Book
Edition of 100
Release October 21st via Gestalten Online Shop HERE



We at artbleat like to pride ourselves, well I do, on our prowess of ligging  enjoying meaningful and thought provoking conversations with artists that we admire. So imagine our joy when we realised that one gallery in particular was showcasing two of those such artists at Moniker.
Horn of Plenty Gallery has managed to pull together new work by David Bray and Ben Slow which they will be showing alongside two new paintings by the extraordinary Eelus.

Horn will be the new boys on the block this year, they were just a twinkle in the art world's eye this time last year.
This is what they said when poked with the artbleat stick
"We launched Horn Of Plenty in May 2014, so it's still really early days for us. We're just collectors that are passionate and wanted to get even closer to the art we love. Being a gallerist seemed like an obvious choice, and wanting to know and present more about the art was an even easier choice to make when deciding how we differentiate ourselves"

Eelus will also be whipping out his perfectly cut stencils and painting some walls outside Moniker in the courtyard at the Truman Brewery on Friday and Saturday from 1pm, as will Ben Slow who is collaborating with Carl Cashman.
At the moment Horn are on-line only but have plans to extend into shows, both group and solo for 2015. At Moniker they will also be featuring the incredible work of Best Ever and be armed to the teeth with some very limited prints by Bohdon Burenko and David Bray amongst others. You can find them hanging out at Stand 16.



BEST EVER (Detail)



London West Bank Gallery will be releasing this hypnotisingly beautiful print by Rowan Newton on Thursday at Moniker Art Fair.
Delphic Ambiguity is a 10 colour hand embellished screen print available on either paper as an edition of 35 or wood as an edition of 15 and printed by the artist at the Jealous Studios. All the info you need is below if you are not attending Moniker but still want to get your hands on this lovely lady.

Delphic Ambiguity paper edition
10 colour screen print with double hit of gloss varnish on the eyes and lips
Edition of 35
66 x 66cm
On 350gsm Landor Grey deckled edge
Signed, numbered and blind stamped by the artist. Also blind stamped by Jealous Print
£280- unframed,  £380- framed
Only 18 available
For those who can't make it to Moniker Art Fair or enquires email Tommy at tommy@londonwestbank.com

Those beautiful double gloss lips

Delphic Ambiguity wood edition 
10 colour screen print with double hit of gloss varnish on the eyes and lips, with added acrylic and spray paint work 
Wood hand stained in a variety of brown inks, making each piece of wood look individual
Edition of 15
74 x 74cm
On Birch plywood, signed, numbered and wax sealed (purple wax) by the artist. Also lasered logo by Jealous Print
£650- framed (framed option only)
Only 8 available
Again for those who can't make it to Moniker Art Fair or enquires email Tommy at tommy@londonwestbank.com

Rowan's purple seal, wood version only.



UPDATE 15/10
The Hang-Up stand is taking shape.
Stolen Photo

So as we progress through October another year starts the wind up to Christmas which means Frieze week in the capital, which also means some of the better art fairs tugging firmly on the big boys coat tails.
The Truman Brewery is the place to be from the 16th of October if you want to find more of the up and coming and newly arrived art and destined for greatness artists. Moniker are already hosting the beautiful Faith47 show Aqua Regalia, which is open late on the 16th and 18th to capture the passing trade (see the post below)
Kinetica also deserves a mention as their mailout looks more exciting than a lot of the emails we get.

Moniker Art Fair itself is celebrating it's fifth birthday this year and is growing into a contender for event of the year in the contemporary/urban/more exciting art calendar, again the space is shared with The Other Art Fair which threw up a few pleasant surprises last year.
The intention this week is to give out a heads up on some of the must see stalls/stands that will be peddling their wares and then follow that up next week with lots of photos for those that cannot attend.

So without further ado we can jump straight onto the Hang-Up stand which is, and I quote, "All about Mark Powell"
Mark is praised across the land (no, really he is) for his skill with a Biro and frowned upon by collectors of vintage postcards and old historical documents, but we all know you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.

This year however Hang-Up are presenting a full installation they are calling Junkyard Games dedicated to Mark's brushwork. A return to how he first started creating art.
Mark has amassed a collection of old bits of wood, cardboard, 1920’s apple boxes, coffee sacks and road signs that he has worked on with oils to produce a collection of paintings that will present a completely new way of appreciating his skills and ideas.
Mark explains this new body of work and the use of text as well as images thus:

“The paintings are almost a story of a newspaper or a headline on my opinions of what society might be – about people and individuals…Its a multi-lingual type thing. Its just a different language, or a way of saying something…I always think in terms of painting, even when I am doing the biros.” 

The work on show is a prelude to the upcoming show Human Traffic at Hang-Up's Dalston HQ that will be kicking off on the 29th Nov and running until 17th Jan 2015. 

There is an interview with Mark that goes a bit deeper into this new body of work HERE on the Hang-Up blog pages.
You will be able to spot the Hang-Up stand straight away but if you need a map reference they are based at Stand 2.



Thursday night will see Moniker Projects unveil a new body of work by the wonderfully talented Faith47.
Aqua Regalia will consist of Graphite, ink, acrylic, oil, collage and spray paint works on a number of found items, wood, paper and linen.

"By combining found objects and art-incarnate thoughts, Aqua Regalia presents an immersive experience as much as a viewing. In this sacred space, Faith47 asks us to reconsider, and feel the hidden embattled role of the spirit in a secular realm."

The show will run from the Private View on Thursday 9th October to Sunday 19th October with a couple of late nights on 16th and the 18th to celebrate the Moniker Art fair, which luckily is just around the corner.

Exhibition on display: 10th – 19th October 2014 / 11am to 7pm daily
Exhibition open until 9pm on the 16th and 18th of October to celebrate Moniker Art Fair 2014.
Gallery Location: Shop 12, Dray Walk, 91 Brick Ln, London E1 6QL 


Lazarides in Rathbone Place W1. Plays host to French street artist Ludo for the next 4 weeks. Known for his stylish mixing of animal and mechanical to create hybrid futuristic beasts, often playing with a social message and always with the green and monochrome colours that have become a signature.
The show is open to the public from 10th Oct to 13th Nov.
Check back for some opening night photos of more than just Butterflies.  



UPDATE 12/10
There are a handful of opening night photos up on the artbleat Facebook page HERE.
London opening night was as busy as you would expect, a full house of Ryan's work was on show including a 17.5K smiley and some very tempting diamond dusted, double Han prints.
You kind of know what you are going to get if you go to a RYCA show, big bold colourful and loud iconic images screaming at you from the walls and that is exactly what you get with 8Forever.    


Ryan Callanan will be bringing some off the wall, loud and lairy contemporary Pop Art to both London and Brighton this week with dual shows at Lawrence Alkin gallery, and a day later at Ink-d on the south coast.
"The works in both spaces are inspired by the artist’s formative influences at age eight, and overflow with references from his childhood in the Eighties. Recurring throughout the work are images and actual examples of the toys collected by the artist at eight years old." 

PV for London is on Thursday 9th October and the show runs until 9th November.
PV for Brighton is on Friday 10th October and the show runs until 9th November.
Fingers crossed there will be opening night photos appearing on these pages soon.

Ryan's Facebook HERE
London Facebook event page HERE
Ryan's very out of date website HERE 



Opening tonight at The Ben Oakley Gallery (03/10/2014) is a solo exhibition by B.P. Portrait award winner John McCarthy.

"This exciting show includes over fifteen incredible new works. Amongst this collection are a series of his monotone trademark ‘Screwed Up’ film star and celebrity portraits that hint at the fragility of fame and the throw away culture we live in today, a process that he has painstakingly developed over recent years. McCarthy explains ‘the success of a painting is how it resonates and communicates with each viewer, only then do we know if we’ve screwed it up, or not’. An unmissable exhibition, where getting up close is irresistible"

A Solo Exhibition byJOHN McCARTHY
Open from 3rd to 19th October.
Private View: Friday 3rd October 6.30pm - 9.30pm



Pictures On Walls will be dropping a new collection of Invader prints on Thursday 2nd October.
The drop will be around 3pm (UK)
Edition of 65 in 4 different colourways and a Special.
£375 each and only 1 per household.  

Invader: Aladdin Sane.
Edition of 65
Measuring up at 45cm X 43cm
£375 plus shipping
Go Here