The Urban artist TRXTR is asking artbleat's readers to submit their own interpretation of his new artwork "FATIMA'S OTHER FINGER".
The most perceptive comment will win one of 9 signed and numbered archival proofs of the image.
The print measures 60cm X 45cm on 300gsm cotton rag, and is valued at £200.
You can leave you entries/comments here on artbleat (but do remember to log in to blogger with your google account as an anonymous post is not going to cut the mustard) or HERE on the competition post on the artbleat facebook page.
Trxtr will read the comments on deadline day Tuesday 10th April and award the prize.

The original mixed media on canvas will be auctioned in the Bonhams Urban Art Sale on the 29th March details HERE
TRXTR's website is HERE
PRESS RELEASE for the competition follows with a small artspeak warning
   Just back from wheat-pasting and camel-riding with the Bedouins in the Sinai desert and hot on the heels of his first London solo show 'PRETTY LETHAL', UK Artist TRXTR has his next solo gig lined up in the toxic cocktail of Las Vegas this Autumn - aptly named 'LUCKED UP'. 
Trxtr's work explores social and  moral issues and his distinctive style uses a wide variety of techniques fusing together the art of photography and painting.   This is not an artist who is wedded to any particular medium, but for him a rather more Machiavellian 'ends justifies the means' approach whilst acknowledging the historical importance of photography and painting.   

His work is described as thought-provoking, poignant, current and seductively captivating showing us  an eclectic mix of atmospheres and emotions, as are the techniques he uses to produce them. Their overall effect is disturbing and alluring in equal measure. Concerns about exploitation, globalization and corruption appear over and over again, but the tone is ambivalent. He is not preaching to us, but reproducing some of the sickly sweet images of commercialism in a way that it is genuinely hard to tell if he is celebrating them or railing against them.



UPDATE 31/03/2012

I know nothing about the artist zhao apart from he is from Singapore.
The Chairman drops Today
Edition of 41 varied
Size: 37 x 30 cm (approx) on 300g/m2 acid-free watercolour paper
£41 HERE

Artist’s statement on THE CHAIRMAN series:
“i was inspired by how public offices have A3 photos of their leaders, gold framed to be worshipped and reminded that he is the highest high, watching over you. i believe, as a counter move, every art-loving home and office cubicle should hang a picture of Ai Weiwei as Chairman Mao, it should be an image made angrily, in a shoddy, made-in-china mass produced Warholian silkscreen way ­– a method of printmaking which is, coincidentally, the only way I know how to make prints. Serendipity? Sure, why not.”



UPDATE 25/03/2012
Finally got to throw some show photos up on the artbleat facebook page, Loved the show and the garden was a bonus.

Mike Ballard has his new solo show Stations of the Elevated opening at Arch 402 Gallery in East London. on Thursday 22nd. The Show runs to 13th April.
I'm looking forward to this.
Here is a little bit of Art Speak from the press release to whet your appetite:
"Ballard reminds us how popular imagery absorbs past eras' fantasies of the future, processing them into today's curiosities, junk, and endearingly mistaken conceptions of the world we now inhabit. In doing so he also reminds us that our own fantasies of the future are sure to be lacking in many crucial, unforeseeable aspects, complicating the way we locate ourselves temporally"
So there you go. I will offer up some photos on my return, or on Friday if the beer flows.



Update: 21/03
Just got an email from Boon who has finally sorted out a web presence, he's been a bit backward in calling his site noob.net So I'm hoping sooner rather than later I, and You, will be able to feast on the complete archive of his work.
Boon has been on the artbleat radar (and wall)  for a few years now, so it's great to see he now has joined the stable of artists who's work can be found on ArtRepublic.
Having a tendency to release prints in a seasonal time frame these two fall under the banner of the Spring Collection. Both the prints are limited to 20 pieces, heavily hand finished and heavily affordable
The ArtRepublic link is HERE but you can also pick them up along with the A/P's and some earlier work by contacting Boon via his Big Cartel store HERE.
Hand finished giclee print
Measuring up at 12" X 17"
Edition of 20 + 2 AP's
"The first piece is called MIKO. A piece that is a rework of a stencil I used a few years back, but with bolder colours and texture to capture and complement the contemplative and moody portrait"

Hand finished giclee print
Measuring up at 12" X 17"
Edition of 20 + 2AP's
"The second piece is ZOFIA. A piece that is also contemplative, but one that shows the swirls of thoughts and ideas through the use of colours. Another portrait'y piece"



Sunday Morning, sorting photos from the last week of shows in London.
I have uploaded a few sets to the artbleat facebook page HERE should you care to take a look. 




Update: 23:45  08/03/2012
"Sorry No Photos"
"What , I'm not allowed to take a couple of photos on my phone?"
"But I thought your no guest list policy was due to your view that art was for everybody, Can I not take a couple of photos to show someone that may not be able to get down"
"No you might be wanting to make a copy"
"What like I could be wanting to go home, load the photos into my PC and run off a few 377cm X 635cm Installations to sell cheap on eBay?"
"Sorry! No Photos"

So here is a photo of some show flyers and a beer on the pavement outside the White Cube in Mason's Yard.
The work was very Gilbert & George.

Gilbert & George from around 4pm this evening at a White Cube near you.
Photos to follow (fingers crossed)



 Chilean artist Otto Schade has a print of his iconic London Smiley available from the Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich.
The print edition is limited to 20 and can only be purchased direct from the gallery.
You can enquire by dropping a mail to info@benoakleygallery.com or give them a call on 07976 692 751

Otto Schade Screen Print Edition of 20 
Measuring up at 50cm x 50cm 
On Somerset Velvet Black 285 gsm
Screen print & Spot Varnish Finish

Cost £85.00
UK £ 7.00  ROW £15.00



So as I missed last Thursday in London I'm being let out to play in the west end this Thursday, with a few opening nights to tempt me. The Nancy Victor Gallery has a group show put together by David Shillinglaw that could be interesting.

Part of the press release for this show reads as follows:
"Happy Medium presents a selection of artists whose works bridge the gaps between process and styles. Materials, mediums and subject matters are deliberately mixed, cross pollinating ideas from Art History and contemporary culture, both of discovery"
But don't let that put you off having a look, any show that includes Matt Small has to be worth sticking your nose into. I will post some photos after the event.