Eelus drops After the Rain on Friday 28th June at 3pm (BST).
If you want it, it will be gone pretty quick so form an orderly queue HERE.

Eelus: After The Rain
Edition of 175
500 x 700mm 
27 colour screen print 
Printed on Somerset Tub Sized Satin 410gsm 
Signed, stamped and numbered.

There is also a hand finished version available in an edition of only 15 for £400.




Sickboy has a new print dropping on Thursday 20th at 12pm (UK) 
Pollination is a Giclee print with screen printed spot varnish and purple diamond dust on smooth cotton rag white 315gsm paper.
Measuring up at an impressive 74cm X 98cm this beauty comes in a small edition of only 33 for £185
Or £285 for a hand finished edition of 5
You can get all the info you need HERE at thesickboy.com 



UPDATE 12/06
So after the waltz around the D*face show on Friday artbleat took a (long) bus ride over to the premises of Hang-Up Gallery in Stoke Newington, where they currently play host to the inaugural solo show from collage artist Joe Webb, having grown up with the album cover art of Winston Smith there is a soft spot for this particular medium.
Joe's 50's images that made up the main body of work were romantic as promised but tinged with a hint of menace in the stranger silhouette, well in my slightly active thought process anyway. 
The prints that were taken from these images were just as good as the real thing with the addition of diamond dust and sparkly stuff (technical term) But what delighted me more were the small selection of slightly comical and thought provoking images that may have been earlier work but stood up to the main body of the show admirably.
There are as always more photos on the artbleat facebook page HERE, and while you are there hit the like button please if you have not already, I will be eternally grateful.       
Joe Webb: Pulp Friction runs until 21 July

Joe Webb's show has an opening event tonight (Friday 7th) at Hang-Up.
Until I can get some words up, here is a link to more info.



UPDATE 09/06
There are now loads of photos from both the Gallery and the studio parts of the show over on the artbleat facebook page HERE
This, if you are a fan, is really a show not to miss, the work is up to the standard you would expect but the studio visit is worth the admission price alone (it's free by the way)

The long awaited return of D*Face to these shores.
A show on two levels is promised across the gallery space and into D*Face's studio space adjacent.
The private view is tonight (6th June) but no point in trying to RSVP for this one.
The show goes from 7th June to the 23rd June when we shall see what he has in store for us.
Link to Stolen Space HERE

I pinched these from D*Face's Instagram stream, so if you look at them then you are legally bound to follow him HERE and while you are about it you could always follow the artbleat Instagram HERE which is almost just as exciting.


We here at the artbleat advisory committee strongly suggest a'ving a butchers at the Static event in central London tonight.
Scream Gallery are hosting Static's latest body of work Phantasms of The Living, a more organic show than the previous plastic and glass offerings  .
Doors at 6 but you will need to RSVP
Photos to follow, of course.



Update 08/06/13
Here is just a handful of photos from the show. If you get the chance and need to exercise your smile then it's half an hour well spent.
No more photos on facebook this time as I'm not ready to loose my account.

Mr Bingo has an exhibition of his wonderful hate mail starting this Thursday (6th June) in Hoxton sq, London.
For those that have not come across Mr Bingo before, he provides a much needed service delivering insulting postcards for a small fee, all in the name of art.
The opening evening will give the first 60 people through the door the chance to get their very own abusive artwork sent to their door or that of their lover, mother or anyone else for that matter, all for the sum of £40 that is (nothings is free in this world friend)
You will no doubt also be able to pick up a copy of the Hate mail book on the night too, have a look at the video below for a preview.
The show runs from 6th -29th June at KK Outlet.
I will endeavour to photograph the rudest work on show and post it up as and when.
The event facebook page is HERE