Friday night (31st Aug) sees the opening night of Half Cut at the Upfest Gallery in North Street in Bristol.
Half Cut features art by Agent Provocateur, Bungle and Matti. On offer is a feast of Stencil and Aerosol art and the promise of a few beers (sponsored by Glastonbury Ales don't you know)
A perfect night out me thinks.   



So as I have to go away again on my travels and don't think I will be attending any openings this week, it's only fair to still point you in the right direction of some good art and free beers (fingers crossed)
Carl Imthurn has a show opening on the 31st of August at Canvas and Cream in Forest Hill.  

I kind of like Carl's work but without really knowing anything about him, so I have to pull some words from the press release and other places for you.
Carl was born to Anglo-Swiss parents in Montreal and now lives and works in Crystal Palace, London. Carl does not yet have a website. 
There you go. If you need anymore info there is a full biog on the Canvas and Cream website HERE. Or have a look at these pics of his work.



LtDedition will be dropping 20 unique hand finished prints by Lewis Bannister online tonight (Sunday) at around 8pm.
Each print features a different hand painted image over the Washington panel. There are a couple of images below, for the full range see Lewis's Facebook page HERE

Mickey Dollar Large Note, Hand Finished Signed Giclee Print.  
Measuring up at 21.5" X 9.5"on 315gsm Cotton rag Paper
Cost £100 plus shipping

Large Dollar Variations

In addition to the large prints LtDedition are giving away FREE a total of 80 mini prints throughout the day, some hand finished, all signed. You can try your luck HERE, one per person.
Free Prints


So after a couple of weeks of basking in the sun, I return to a shed load of emails I have to work through. Loads of print releases have passed me by, thus saving me money. But amazingly, two of the three Faile prints are still available.
Have a look at the Faile shop and see if you can work out why. (Clue... $ )
The best release in a while from the New York duo is tainted buy the realisation that I will not be able to afford any future small run prints. Oh well, Next....

Edition of 20
Measuring up at 23 X 38 Inch
Acrylic and Silkscreen Ink on Lenox 100 Paper
Signed Stamped and Numbered



artbleat was lucky enough to grab some time to attend the Matt Small "Seen and Heard" opening night at Blackall Studios in East London.
If you know Matt's work then you will not be disappointed, if you are new to it then congratulations you could be in for one of those rare Wow! moments. Matt continues his theme of painting and representing the youth of the UK. There is something wonderful in the portraits that allows you to take in the emotions of the subject, or at least your perception of those feelings. (It's all in the eyes you know)
The Sculptures are getting bigger and better from the first I saw at last years Moniker art fair, and there are some stunning lino prints on found materials, as the rest of the work is, you won't find any canvas here.
Matt's work can be seen until Sunday 19th August 2012, if you can't get down then I have a handful of photos on the artbleat facebook page HERE 



This Friday in London sees two opening nights that are as different as they are the same. Sweet Toof at the colour works in Hackney is, by the look of it a collection of past works with a few new pieces from the rougher end of the urban street art tag, if you like a tag that is.
Matt Small at Blackall Studios is a show consisting of totally new work from the same body that has on occasions crossed over into the fine art world, but still retaining the artists very down to earth roots.
Oh! just go and have a look at both if you can, both shows run until Sunday 19th, but of course if you make it down on Friday you can avail yourself of the free beer.



Rowan Newton drops a gorgeous print titled "Caught In A Blizzard Of Change" tomorrow (Tuesday 7th August)
The print, which is a collaboration with Jealous Gallery will be available from Rowan's new website which also launches tomorrow.
The eleven colour print will be in an edition of 20 on paper and a further 10 on birch plywood. If you are interested in the wood version you will have to email Rowan direct through the contact link on his site.
Rowannewton.co.uk is the link you will need

Caught In A Blizzard of Change
Edition of 20
11 colour screen print
50cm x 69cm
Somerset Satin Archival Paper 300gsm
Torn edges
Signed, stamped and numbered
£160 delivered