Added some photos below, more on facebook HERE
Vhils at Lazarides Gallery. Private View Thursday 29th. The show runs until 17th of January 2013.
I'm Expecting more of an installation than a room full of neatly hung pieces
Photos to follow.  

Vhils out and about, This amazing piece is in Hewett Street in Shoreditch, two more walls are planned on this visit, rumour has it there will be something going on in Soho on Thursday before the Private View.



Signal Gallery has a dark dark group show opening Thursday night.
Curated by Gaye Black, Black Xmas features Dale Grimshaw, My Dog Sighs, Carrie Reichardt and Gaye herself amongst others. Entertainment will be provided in the form of live music from Steampunk band, The men that will not be blamed for nothing, and drinks provided by Movida.
You will need to RSVP

The show is open to the public from 29th November to 21st December



UPDATE: 25/11/12
Added some photos from the show, below and more on the artbleat facebook page.

Looking forward to seeing what Copyright has to show us on Thursday night, as his latest body of work is to be displayed on the walls at Pure Evil Gallery.
The show Pop Lives, Pagan Hearts, is described as a new collection of both 2D and 3D works on wood, new editions and experimental pieces.
There is a rumour of a few free mini prints for the first 30 through the door, but that may just be twitter talk.
I'll let you know later.

(PS. If you get down early then you can still catch Dale Grimshaw's solo show at Signal Gallery before it closes) 


Anthony Lister's Unslung Heroes is on at both the Outsiders in London and Newcastle.
Photos coming soon, worth a look if you are near either venue.

Some London photos, more on the artbleat facebook page HERE



UPDATE 21/11
 Added a few photos from the show. More on the artbleat facebook page HERE
A few arty things going on around London on Thursday night, which you should know about, and as Laz won't extend the guest list for their do, I won't mention it until Friday. 

Just up the road from Laz however is the Nancy Victor gallery who are hosting AfroFabRicatiOn by Louis Masai.

"Louis is famed for his large scale, street pieces depicting animals adorned with human attributes. His work currently focuses on African Fabric patterns, this concept has crept seamlessly into this exciting new collection in the form of the Pencil Case Thieves."

Not knowing about Louis's work before this show I'm eager to get along and sample the delights first hand that so far I've only seen online.
Have a look at the facebook page for map and info and check back here later for some opening night photos.  



 Joseph Loughborough will be releasing a series of unique heavily hand finished woodcut prints this Thursday.
The Tender will be an edition of 40 and measure up at 59cm X 42cm
Joe sent over these photos and a few words:
"The print has been hand carved and printed then I have worked into each one individually with charcoal,eraser and pastel to recreate the expressive mark making familiar with my work. Each piece is completely unique."

The Tender will be released HERE on Thursday direct from Joe's website.

The Tender.
Woodcut Print on Paper.
Heavily hand finished with charcoal and pastel. 
Each print completely unique. 
250 gsm Natural white acid free cartridge Paper.
59/42cm - Edition of 40.



The artbleat in-box is starting to fill up with print releases, must be nearing that period of festive madness that we Love, so first up:
Static have released the next print from their Little Vandals series.
Taggers measures 52cm X 52cm and is a 4 colour screen print on 300 gsm fabriane paper.
This is available now from the static store HERE for £90

Static have this to say:
"As with the now Sold out 'Universal Paint' & 'The Collector', this hand pulled screen print is taken from the 'Little Vandals' series that we launched during our trip to Japan in September and as with the 2 releases last month, we have kept a number of these prints back for those not residing in the land of the rising sun."



LtDedition Art is set to release 17 hand painted grenades straight from the sketch book of Jimmy South, contemporary glass artist. Jimmy has been a little quiet of late so lets hope this release signals his return.
The release is due to drop HERE at 7pm GTM on Sunday 11th of November
£120 of your hard earned will secure a one off original.



The Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich hosts a spread of new works by Veta Gorner fron Friday 9th November, her first solo show in a couple of years.
Not knowing the artist before I got wind of this show, a quick look at her website HERE convinced me I may need to make a little more space on my walls for a new addition.
Press release follows as it's easier to cut and paste than type tonight. 

Parallel Play
A Fresh and exciting Solo exhibition of New Works by Veta Gorner.
Preview Evening 9th November 2012    6.30 – 9.30pm 
Veta is a multi-instrumentalist high quality Printmaker.using her own Press she creates powerful unique etchings, lithographs drypoint, screenprints, colographs and processes that have not even been named yet.
Technically excellent her works are strong in colour and delicate in content, they carry a dense raw energy that are aesthetically balanced, some built up from layers of the finest hand made papers with waxes and thread woven through, it is in the detail that you can read the time consuming journey that goes into each individual piece.



In New York and looking for somewhere to spend the election night?
What better than an art gallery with a bar.
All the info you will need HERE at Sacred Gallery.