Here are some photos from the opening night of Anthony Lister's London solo show at Lazarides, Rathbone. For me this was like being a kid in a sweet shop, luckily I had taken advice from those dear to me and had purposely left the credit card at home, or else I would be the only one in the house with something to open on Christmas day.
The large pieces were great to stand back at and admire how colours that do not live with each other manage to get on just fine together, but the smaller portraights in the back room were the ones that had me transfixed... Get out and see this show if you are in London, if not then I have more photos on the artbleat facebook page HERE. 



New print by Bisser dropping now on Graffiti Street.

11 colour screen print
Heavily handfinished by Bisser
Watercolour painted werewolf
Glow in the dark moon
Size: 50×68.5cm
Edition of only 35
Signed by Bisser with Posca pen
Numbered & Blind stamped
Certificate of Authenticity included


Mr Jago has just dropped a ltd print titled Robber Barons at Lazarides Editions.

Edition of 30
Measuring up at 89.5 cm x 100 cm
Archival pigment print with gloss varnish on Somerset Satin 330gsm paper
Signed and numbered by the artist.



OK so as promised the artbleat/Static giveaway is underway.
The boys from Static have very kindly donated a couple of their classic wooden Chinook Chandeliers and from their collaboration with Call Of Duty A/W ..Two copies of the game (one on XBoxOne and one for the PC) and a super rare Static designed T-Shirt that also doubled as an invitation to the Hero Jacket launch night in Copenhagen.
All you have to do is sign up for our mailing list on the link below and answer the very easy question.

Who Manufactures the Chinook Helicopter that Static use in their design?
A. Airbus
B. Skylord
C. Boeing

So if you think you have got it you can 
Enter Here

The first name out of the hat when the competition ends at 23.59 on Friday 5th Dec will win A Signed Wooden Chinook Chandelier, The ultra rare Static T-Shirt and a signed copy of Call Of Duty A/W on either XBoxOne or PC (You will be contacted for your choice)
The Second name out of the hat will win A Signed Wooden Chinook Chandelier and a signed copy of Call Of Duty A/W on either Xbox One or PC. (whichever version is left).
Your email info will not be shared with anyone other than artbleat and Static, we promise.
Oh and you have to promise that you are over 18 or you can't have the game.



UPDATE 21/11
Some images from the opening night, more on the artbleat facebook page HERE.
You can now purchase the remaining works on-line HERE from Atom Gallery.


Thursday evening in North London sees two landmark events occurring in the same place, first the inaugural show for the newly opened Atom Gallery and print house, that show in turn being the debut solo show for London based stencil artist Agent Provocateur; System Failure.
A.P's show takes the form of part retrospective and also introduces some new unseen work with some indoor murals to boot. It's hard to believe due to the amount of posts I have written on the artist that this is his first one man event, but as the old adage goes the best things in life are worth waiting for (or did I just make that up)     

The Private View will kick of on Thursday 20th November at around 6pm.
No guest list required and there will be some free booze, look out for the special A.P designed micro brewery beer.  

Atom Gallery can be found at 77 Stroud Green Road, London. N4 3EG



 Sunday morning late posting just before the event is a bit shabby and for that I apologise.
If you find yourself in London today with nothing to do, then you could do no worse than head down to the Leake Street Tunnels (opp the London Eye) where Team Naz have a Paint Jam planned. See some real Street/Graff artists at work and maybe some stars of the future.
Have a look at the event facebook page HERE for all the details.

"On Sunday 16th November we invite one and all down to Leake Street tunnel for a massive paint jam to celebrate the life and work of Ben Naz. We will also be doing a huge wall as part of the Next Generation project for the younger artists to work along side the pro's in producing a mural and learning some valuable skills using cans, stencils and various other street art mediums. 
Come one, come all, bring the kids, and lets celebrate the life of our friend and inspiration Ben Naz.
Rest in power brother. X"



UPDATE 10/11/14
The show is over if you missed it you missed out.
There are a few show photos going up on the artbleat facebook page, mainly of a room with folk in as I have yet to master the art of taking photos of glass framed things and not getting any reflection.
I am guessing Nick may have some work up on his website soon which you can find HERE


"Nick JS Thompson’s documentation of the varied remnant military structures of the Atlantic Wall on the small island of Fanø, Denmark, serves to highlight the impact that they have had on the island and questions what view residents and visitors take on them." 

Private View is tonight (06/11) at 6pm at Doomed Gallery, Dalston.
Not usually the kind of thing I would cover on artbleat, but after talking to Nick recently and feeling his passion for the images he took away from Fanø, I think I would be foolish not to pop along and see his work for myself.
The show is only on for four days so try not to miss it if you are in the area, if you are not I will have some images up as soon as possible.
Facebook Event Page HERE  
This show is part of Photomonth


Rex Romae will be opening the doors to a show of works by Norwegian stencil artist Martin Whatson at 6pm in Kingsland Road London E2 on Thursday 6th November.
The show looks like it's already sold out but there will be a screen print release which will be available only on opening night and only with a cash purchase.

There will be a queue and the prints won't last long.

Show PDF 

65x65 cm Screen Print
Hand embellished edition of 50 
Each one will be slightly different.
£275 (Cash only on the night)



It's been a while since I've wandered through my list of sites of interest and today the mouse of fortune landed on some work by Antony Collings (ABC) via his big-cartel site.
Having seen some of Antony's work close up I can get an idea of the texture on these pieces that photos can not really get across, you will just have to take my word for it.
You can have a look for yourself HERE

Blue Ocean Decay 
spray paint, Oil and acrylic on canvas 
30cm x 30cm

Dark Ocean Decay 
spray paint, Oil and acrylic on canvas 
100cm x 100cm

Deep Ocean Decay 
spray paint, Oil and acrylic on canvas 
50cm x 50cm




The pair of artists that work under the banner of Static were amongst the group artists that attracted me into this blogging game, some of the first to confirm my suspicions that artists could be approachable, not hiding behind a wall of secrecy or too big and important to talk to someone with a badly named blog and no actual idea what he's doing.
So of course I've followed their transition from stencil,print,collage,collaborations and now some of the most gorgeous layered glass works I've seen.
The point I'm trying to get to in a rambling roundabout way is it great to see an artist progress and rise up through the ranks and still retain a grounded attitude. So I was more than pleased to receive two emails over the past week or so from the boys, one regarding a show at The Playboy Club in London next week, which I'll come to later and the second explaining what they have been up to recently. It seems that Static were approached a while back to design a jacket to tie in with the release of the new Call Of Duty A/W game. The "Hero Jacket" as it is proudly called is to have a limited production run of only 80pcs and is to be given to "Real Heroes" of the game (and a couple of sponsors) and will not be for sale.
Have a look at the video below to see the production process. 

Static are at the moment (as I write this) attending the release party for the Hero Jacket in Copenhagen, I know I usually like to announce a free booze party or PV that you can amble down to, but as there was no chance of getting into this one I felt no need for a formal "Heads Up"
However I am planning to celebrate this event with one of the rare artbleat giveaway competitions, I'm just waiting to see what I can give away. I will know on Monday when I will pass the exciting news on to you and work out how you can enter, it will be good but suffice to say it ain't gonna be a Hero Jacket.  

At some point the original artwork on canvas featuring their Chinook chandelier image will be auctioned off and the money raised will be given to charity, the auction is not live yet but when it is you will be able to access it HERE at the Hero Jacket website (Yes! The jacket does have it's own website)