The Obey Giant website who are about to drop the Duality of Humanity 3 print at around 8pm UK time have put out this warning:

"1 Print per Customer/Household.EBAY’ers and EBAY Flippers are not welcomed. If suspected and caught of Ebaying prints your order will be automatically refunded and you will no longer be permitted to purchase from OBEY GIANT"
But they have not mentioned anything about duckywaddles , fusshop , or any of the other outlets they are happy to sell prints to, knowing that they will treble prices on sold out prints, Get real Shepard, ebay just keeps the secondary market ticking over, without it you would only be running print editions of 200 pcs not 500 per week.
Anyway its dropping tonight for $50 if you want to get one and flip it at auctionsaboteur for £100 then BUY ME


FUSShop said...

Hi, just noticed you comments about FUSShop.

Just to clarify we obtain our Shepard Fairey prints from Obey UK and prices are set by Obey themselves and not by ourselves.

At no point have we bought Shepard's prints and placed them on the site at inflated prices.


ARTBLEAT said...

Hi Fusshop,
Sorry if it came over looking like I was having a pop at you, I was trying to make a point about Obey saying we will ban you for selling our prints on the secondary market at an inflated price, (while waving the affordable art for the people flag)
While with the other hand selling on prints as a wholesaler to a retailer(secondary market), with a RRP at an inflated price.