Today- Tuesday (Sept 16th) 30 limited edition artworks by artists PURE EVIL, MYSTERIOUS AL, PMH, NICKY CARVELL, GOLDTOOTH & SUPERSTEVE will appear in & around London's Soho Square.

Get yourself along to Soho and if you find one of them, not only do you get to keep it but it will also guarantee you free VIP entry to the SUPERSUPER London Fashion Week Party in association with Firetrap later this evening at Punk on Soho Street.
What you'll be looking for are thirty ceramic gnomes (yes, gnomes), each one is 30cm high, and they will be placed in amusing, relatively easy-to-find spots around Soho Square, London W1.

Each of the artists listed below worked on ten gnomes each, making this a very limited edition project. The gnome character, known as 'Deadly', is the Firetrap mascot and has been reworked in each artist's inimitable style.

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