I nicked this word for word from OMGposters.com in the US, I am not a fan of this bloke but I know a man who is (That's you Col) so that is why it's here

"Just got word about this new Evan Hecox art print. This was produced for Evan’s upcoming show at MatherKunst in Amsterdam (a new gallery from one of the Andenken owners). The brown paper version is limited to 20 pieces and will be $175, the white is limited to 100 and will be $100. Now is when things get tricky. Half of the run was printed at 40cm x 50cm and will be available by shooting MatherKunst an email this Friday (October 24). The other half of the run was printed at 16″ x 20″ and will be for sale stateside that same day at AndenkenShop.com."

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