The good people at Steal From Work launch their new space with a show from one of my favourite artists Cept ,Opening night is Friday 20th February, 8pm-10.30pm
This is what they have to say for themselves:
In time honoured tradition and after a prolonged spell in the darkened recesses, giving shelter to the many homeless of Bristol's art scene, Steal From Work are proud to launch their new permanent space with Galaxy Rays a solo show from London's most fearless and innovative super-villain Cept...
Inspired by graffiti and hip-hop, both of which he has been producing since the mid-80's, Cept brings to Bristol reassembled forms, fragile technologies and appropriated hybrids to challenge the viewer's inherent understanding of time and value.
Juxtaposing imagery from art history and popular culture Cept builds bridges between formed ideas and ungrounded assumptions of old and new worlds and questions how secure our conscious grounding in reality is.
Galaxy Rays is the latest instalment in a continuing adventure into new dimensions of time and place, video loops and audio add overload to the explosive, primitive imagery and installation.

If you are in Bristol this weekend please go down and have a look around, I am in London and will be an off green colour.

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