It is always a joy to wake up to a Faile print release, just how long can you keep you eyes on these beauties before it dawns on you that they may well be priced out of your league. If you do have a spare $2'800 (£1990 approx) for one of these stunners then get on over to Faile's Website where you will have a chance to join the lottery draw for the print of your choice. All you need is a valid paypal address this time.
All prints are from an edition of 20 Acrylic and Silkscreen
InkLenox 100 Paper 25 x 38 Inches
Signed, Stamped and Numbered

Should you have the Faile bug now but can not stretch your wallet this far there is a very nice signed Memento Mori on eBay HERE for a buy it now of £510


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mjar said...

Really like the Eat with the Wolf print, no so keen on the colour ways of the other prints. But ya just a little expensive.