Gallery90 in London N5 will be hosting Grafters XC, 22 Artist, 1 Sculptor & a Shit Load of Paint show from 10th April to the 4th April with a preview on the 9th and a live paint on 11th.
Artists included in this impressive line up include Grafter, K-Guy, Snub 23, Oliver Winconek, SPQR, Neverwork, Fark FK, Don, Ben Slow, Snik and many more.
Regarding the live paint Grafter has this explanation of how it's going to work:On "Easter Saturday 11th April we will be holding a live paint by most of the artists involved, plus a few guests, outside the gallery. They will be painting a selection of boards/canvas and you will be able to watch the pieces being made and, if you like what you see, approach the artist, buy it and take it home with you.We are also encouraging people to bring objects along with them that they would like painted, the more unusual the better, and get their favourite artist to hit it up. We've already got one guy bringing his van, coffee table and living room door with him so it promises to be lively."

StolenSpace Gallery in London are hosting The London Police "10 Years on the Central Line" show from 9th April to 26 April. This show will feature new works from the The London Police on linen & canvas, video installation and photography.... as well as see the release of a new limited edition hand pulled screen print.

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