Saber has a print titled Triptych at Jetset Graffiti available in 3 colours and priced per print and not in the set as the name may suggest.
Jetset say:
"We’re honored to put out another bad-ass print with Saber. Today we’ve got an incredible new set of extremely limited prints for sale by this master writer; one of the true legends of modern graffiti and street art"
Here are the details:
Artist: Saber AWR/MSK
Title: “Triptych” (Red Version, Gray Version, and Purple Version)
Size: 22″ x 22.5″
Description: 7 Color Hand-Pulled Serigraph with Metallic Ink and Spot Varnish over the “Saber” tag.
Edition of 40 each signed and numbered by the artist
Cost: $60 plus shipping


Anonymous said...

Jet Set Graffiti will take your money and never send your pring. Buyer beware!

Herndon said...

THAT'S NOT TRUE. I've purchased from them many times with no problems at all. Very trustworthy outfit with the best quality prints by the best quality artists.