The Lock Up is (in their words) "A selection of stunning works made available from the most prolific, cutting edge & controversial artists of our generation" and to be honest they are not too far off the mark. The Pam Glew work is simply stunning, so is the price tag on the Nick Walkers but they are big and very nice. There is a stash of originals from Goldie, Nick Walker, Jef Aerosol, Eelus, Mau Mau, Inkie, Beejoir, K-Guy, David Whittaker, Ben Moore, RYCA, Stedhead, Prole, Fin Dac and Spanna as well as a more than fair spread of rare Jamie Reid prints and canvases.
I had a quick wander round today and will have some photos at the artbleat flickr for you to feast your eyes on. Apparently once the work is sold and collected (as one of the Pam Glew pieces was today) there will be new art popping up in its place, so well worth a 2nd visit if you can get down. For Details click on the flyer or visit eddielock.co.uk

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