The wonderful Mark Todd has a print now up at Tiny Showcase Demolisher is a five-color letterpress print and is based on his painting of the same title.

Letterpress Print
Edition of 100
Measuring up at 7.25" x 10" (plus border for framing)
Cost $25.00 plus shipping
Mark has chosen the Red Cross' Haitian Relief Fund as his artwork's charity. $250 dollars from the sale of Mark's artwork will be donated to the organization.
Mark Todd's JUGGERNAUT, new comic paintings and collage works on paper, is open through February 6th at Billy Shire Fine Arts in Culver City, California.

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Mr. Spanky said...

Artbleat man you may be interested in this....

As promised, you are the first to know about my $1 promotional print. The print will go live at 12:00 P.M. PST today, Wednesday, January 20th.

The print is titled
. It is one color on metallic heavy weight paper. 18" x 24" Edition of 80. Additionally, 3 lucky subscribers will recieve an additional print with their purchase. Click here for Store.

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P.S. I took some snapshots during the printing process which can be viewed here.

I will send more info. soon on other stuff if you are interested. I may also get some freebies over if you are interested?

Mr. Spanky