The wonderful Brooklynite Gallery has its opening night of Make It Fit featuring work from Specter, and Various & Gould.
Brooklynite say:
The concept of “work” can be interpreted in many different ways depending on whom you hit up. Brooklyn-based artist, SPECTER and German duo VARIOUS & GOULD have each located discarded materials, used skill and ingenuity and re-conceptualized things in pulsating ways you might never have imagined. All this done in effort to turn the concept of “work” on its ear in an exhibition appropriately titled, “Make It Fit”.
The show runs until April 17th and as you may or may not know you can join in tonights event no matter where you are Via the miracle of the Live TV button on the Brooklynite website HERE You can join in the chat with other like minded souls (and me) as well as the camera wielding Brooklynite folk.

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