Thursday night in east London is looking like a treasure trail of artwork, kicking off at 6pm there are a number of shows to take in if you like your urban/street/whatever art and the added bonus of some coldish beer.
In no particular order.
Dale Grimshaw has his 3rd solo show at Signal Gallery titled Arcana in which he uses the imagery of the Tarot to inspire a series of works.
"Moving away from self- discovery the artist is using this ancient and mysterious imagery to present universal states of mind. Taking a number of cards from the pack, he has created a modern, very personal interpretation of their symbolism. Each card has a very distinct atmosphere and many demonstrate more complex compositions than we have seen recently from the artist"

Just around the corner from Signal Gallery is The Pure Evil Gallery which is hosting the more than impressive Roa.
Hailing from Ghent in Belgium Roa's last UK show was at the Prescription Art Roa V Best Ever in Brighton where the wider UK audience was exposed to some of the most beautiful drawings of dead animals you could ever hope to see. Roa has been in residence for the past few days at Pure Evil painting walls inside and outside around the local streets.

Both these shows are not to be missed along with the non show and if you cant make it down I will have some photos up as soon as I can to show you what you are missing.
ADDED 08/04:
Oops! Sorry I missed the Lyrics and Type exhibition over at Brick Lane's east gallery, but fear not the good folk at HOOKED BLOG have it covered.

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