Mmmmm! Take a look at the latest offering from Studio Cromie. This 31 colour screen print from James Marshall aka Dalek is untitled but not unloved by us at artbleat. From an edition of only 30pcs this print measures up at 50cm X 50cm and was crafted just in time to tie in with the Fame festival 2010 .

Studio Cromie describe this beauty thus:
"it's a 31 colors handpulled screenprint and it's definitely our biggest effort as a screenprinting studio. it took us long time to print it and we had to improvise a lot of tricks to make it work (since our studio has zero professional tool and it's all totally diy)luckily it turned out beautiful and we are really pleased with the results"

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hookedblog said...

We have seen this in person at Fame and it's pretty awesome.