I nicked the writeup below from HiFructose blog, its worth clicking the link and having a look as they have some lovely show preview photos:
The Italian duo of Sten and Lex will be bringing their unique hand-cut "stencil posters" (as they're both stencils and posters) stateside for the first time this coming weekend (October 16th to be exact) when they'll be showing with HF-favorite Gaia for 'Portraits' over at Brooklynite Gallery. A celebration of the subject, 'Portraits' is an intriguing look into visual derivation as the three artists create conceptually revolutionary works in the typically tedious genre. As an added bonus, Drago Books will be on hand for the opening to promote the new Sten and Lex publication.
If you can't make it as I can't, then you can join in the fun via the Live TV button on the gallery website HERE OOPs! The Live TV is not working tonight so forget that idea.

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