The show of choice tonight is at the Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich, South London.
Hosting a plentiful bounty of work from artists such as Agent Provocateur, Mark Perronet, Gonny Van Hulst, Gary Alford, Rowan Newton, Everett Jaime, Theo Szarowicz, Yvonne Wayling, ASBOluv, Bobby Tonge, Gary Brady, Steve Mumford, Vic Batemen and Ben Oakley + a few more if they turn up.
There will be hand finished prints of the show poster available on the night and a few freebies for the first few through the door. (and just maybe a few beers)

‘Are You Looking at my Bird’, doors open from 7pm. No 9 Turnpin Lane , Greenwich, SE10. I will take my Box Brownie and snap a few shots for the blog followers unable to make the treck south of the water.


Hence72 said...

Looks like a good one

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