Update 26/11/11
Here are a few photos from the opening night, I have loaded some more to the artbleat facebook page HERE

Signal Gallery host their second Punk Art show from 25th November to 17th December.
Featuring art from some of the biggest pioneers of the Punk movement
The role call is a lot bigger than last years sell out show and again curated by Gaye Black/Advert.
On the four Saturdays of the show, live music will be played in the gallery by participating artists and others. The current lineup is as follows, but there may well be a few last minute surprises:
26th Nov - The Near Future
3rd Dec - Thee Spivs
10th Dec - Jowe Head and the Demi Monde
17th Dec - Charlie Harper and Knox
The show is dedicated to the memory of Poly Styrene, X-Ray Spex vocalist who featured in last years show.

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