Signal Gallery in East London play host to Guy Denning and Frank Rannou's joint show We Are All Prostitutes, the title of which is no doubt taken from a song by The Pop Group, knowing Guy's previous use of titles from 70's/80's anarcho rooted punk songs.
The PV is on Thursday so I hope to get down and take a few photos to amaze you with.
Guy is no stranger to artbleat however Frank Rannou is a new artist, but from the images I have seen so far and a bit of online research, it already looks an interesting night.
If the art is not enough there will also be a live performance on the night from The Great Malarky and an art giveaway to boot.
The show runs from January 26th to February 11th and if you managed to see any of Guy's previous shows you know you won't be disappointed.    

Signal Gallery Press Release:
We're delighted to be showing Guy Denning's work again and to be introducing the work of the French artist Frank E Rannou. Guy and Frank met in France and they have become firm fans of each others work. Guy introduced us to his work and we were impressed and very happy to show his work in the gallery, which will be his first London show

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