So another art packed Thursday evening approaches, I'm not sure how many beer laden P.V's I will make But for the ones I do I will have the trusty artbleat camera with me to give you an idea of what you are missing if you can't get down, and maybe a few photo tweets along the way.

UPDATE 22/04
So this is the queue about 30 minutes after doors opened at the Stik show.
It didn't take much thought to realise we would be standing in line for ages to see some paintings of stick men that a 5 year old could knock up. So off to Pure Evil Gallery it was.

Ahh! much better. No Queue, lots of beer, and loads of wonderfully crafted cans. Each with their own emotions and all calling to me. I will throw some images up on the artbleat facebook page in the next day or two.

Didn't make either of the Roa shows as we spent a silly amount of time wandering around east London with a drop map on a fruitless task to find some MyDogSighs cans.

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