Zhao was all set to release a set of four different colour versions of this print at Highly Framable in Singapore (CMYK versions)
This however looks to have changed.
 " zhao has sent us this mail with an update on Global Neighbourhood Watch

"i've decided to make each print unique. each print will be in its own colorway. each with different stencil and spray paint elements. I want each to look like prints on very old and decayed walls with hints of old paint smudges from weather and pollution, and marks from previous stencils. sorry to those who wanted the CMYK versions, not making them anymore."
ed of 41 each unique colorways"

I can't say I have a liking for these, after the great The Chairman (Blue Skies) print earlier in the year I was hoping for something a little better, but looking forward to see what Highly Framable can bring to the table next.

3 Colour screen print, Hand painted on 270gsm cotton paper.
Measuring up at 420 X 297mm
Edition of 41 unique prints

£41 plus shipping
Every print purchased will get a laser cut giant stencil.

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