artbleat was lucky enough to grab some time to attend the Matt Small "Seen and Heard" opening night at Blackall Studios in East London.
If you know Matt's work then you will not be disappointed, if you are new to it then congratulations you could be in for one of those rare Wow! moments. Matt continues his theme of painting and representing the youth of the UK. There is something wonderful in the portraits that allows you to take in the emotions of the subject, or at least your perception of those feelings. (It's all in the eyes you know)
The Sculptures are getting bigger and better from the first I saw at last years Moniker art fair, and there are some stunning lino prints on found materials, as the rest of the work is, you won't find any canvas here.
Matt's work can be seen until Sunday 19th August 2012, if you can't get down then I have a handful of photos on the artbleat facebook page HERE 

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