The opening night of Shepard Fairey's Sound and Vision was one of the most shambolic, badly organised, badly run, sweaty, wet, crowded, loud art shows I think I have ever attended. It was Fantastic.
The art was much more than expected, affordable, desirable and pure Shep.
There were of course the ugly famous icon images but these were overshadowed by the beautiful pattern HPM's
The Stolen Space gallery was great with the smaller prints and HPM's but it's really just a taster of things to come. The loading bay venue on two floors was large enough to allow double the amount of people in, I guess it was the fire regulations that were to blame for keeping the doorman busy. 
Z-Trip's set with Shepard lurking in the back of the booth was worth the time spent in the rainy queue,
A show well worth another visit.
There is a pop up shop a couple of doors down, great if you are one of those shoppers that likes to be followed around by the shop staff to the point where you feel uncomfortable. Nice hats though.
There are a handful of photos from the evening on the artbleat Facebook page

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