UPDATE 05/03/2013
Thrown a few photos up here, the best of the rest will be appearing on the artbleat facebook sometime tomorrow. 
Todd James opens his first London show since 2008 on Tuesday 5th with a private view at Lazarides London, then from 6th March to 11th April for the public.
New York artist Todd (AKA REAS) will be bringing some of his wonderfully colourful Somali Pirates and All-American Girls along to the party as well as a recreation of Vandal’s Bedroom, described as a 
"sprawling, graffiti-filled structure that was a highlight of the Art in the Streets exhibition at the LA MOCA.Part object, part installation, this bedroom-turned-graffiti-battle-station gives glimpses of plans for an imaginary artistic takeover. Bleeding marker drawings form letter styles from the rough and tumble 1980"
So there you go, I will be putting my camera through it's paces and hoping to post up some Somali Pirate cartoon loveliness on my return.

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