I paid a visit to the opening night of Barbara Steinberg's Age and Memory exhibition at Signal Gallery on Thursday, not the usual thing to float my boat, although I do have a growing soft spot for a bit of abstract, but Signal always throw a top bash and make you feel incredibly welcome with it. Anyway I came away converted, beautiful work from the 70 year young painter, what struck me more than anything was the colours Barbara used to created the works, not obvious ones to me but beautifully balanced and incredibly pleasing.
There are a couple of photos below and loads more on the artbleat facebook HERE.
BUT... the point of this post is to direct you to an ebay auction, HERE where Barbara and Signal have kindly donated one of the canvases from the show to raise a bit of CASH for the Alzheimer's Society.
The painting (below) Brightness Falls, is an oil on canvas and measures 107.5cm X 113.5cm.
C'mon get your wallets and purses out.


rod said...

Lovely photos capture a great Signal Gallery launch party for Age and Memory. With seven bids so far for 'Brightness Falls', perhaps the Alzheimer's Society will get a good contribution.

Toby said...


rod said...

Barbara's next show opens 15 November 2013