Braddock Tiles is a website set up to fund the production of 20'000 hand made colourful tiles that will be used to build a roof on an abandoned church in North Braddock, Pennsylvania. This will then become a home for a "community based artisanal micro-factory" 

Working with the artist Swoon, Braddock aim to produce low cost runs of unsigned prints from a wide range of artists.
The latest one to pop up is by Swoon herself. Titled Monica this digital print measures 13" X 19" and is in an edition of 250.
Braddock prints are all numbered and blind stamped. These prints are produced by Braddock and although not signed are fully endorsed by the artist.
Not bad for just $45 HERE

A few of the many prints also available from Braddock


Candice Tripp

Dan Witz

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