Update 10/01/2014
I have to say I really enjoyed Sabers show on Thursday after not knowing what to fully expect.
 The gallery is split with the wooden works upstairs, which in my humble opinion are the better and the canvas gallery works downstairs.
What made it a little more special apart from the free beer that is, was Saber being there from the off and making himself available to chat to anyone that wanted to hear his take on things.
Prices were well out of my range so I have half an eye on the forthcoming print release that should be based around the Union flag works and as the man is currently over here, lets hope for a bit of hand finishing.
There are some more photos over on the artbleat facebook page HERE but if you can, you really should pop in and see it for yourself.    

The Outsiders in London is the venue for the first show of the year to flash the artbleat radar.
Already exhibited in Newcastle "The Ugly American" comes down south which is a move Outsiders should do more often.(In both directions)
Saber describes himself as a Graffiti artist and Painter and uses his abstract work to "expose the cracks" in the American culture that in his words is "so self centered and self preserved"
I'll be updating at some point with some photos from the opening.
The Private view is on Thursday 9th January and the show runs until 15th February.  

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