Stencil artist Kunstrasen has an open edition available now.
The aim is to raise money for Jonathan....
See below the image for the details of where your cash will go.

Stencil on 30 x 24 cm canvas. 
Open edition. 
Signed and numbered on reverse.
£20 plus P&P

The proceeds of of every sale will go to Jonathan...
Jonathan was diagnosed with Stage IV rectal cancer this past summer, with mets to his liver and lymph nodes, a devastating discovery that stunned both himself and his wife due to his young age and overall good health. Their focus went immediately into understanding his diagnosis and researching cancer centers, and initially thought they would be okay financially as he was paying for insurance through his job, but found out he was declined coverage for all of his treatments because they claimed it was a pre-existing condition.
With no other choice but to move forward (if they did nothing, he was only given a few months to live), he has been receiving chemotherapy infusions and in only 4 months, his out of pocket expenses rose to over $100,000. He still has 2 more infusions, 5 weeks of daily radiation, and finally, if the tumors shrink enough, will be a candidate for surgery. Unfortunately, Jonathan has not been able to work since June due to complications prior to his diagnosis and then due to side-effects during his current chemo sessions. They have no idea how they will pay for their past medical bills while still being able to afford rent, credit card payments, and other everyday expenses, as well as pay for the planned upcoming treatments on only one (unfortunately small) salary.

If you don't like the image but want to help you can also donate directly here:

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