Streetart.nl will be releasing some pieces from the recent One Day festival in Roeselare, Belgium.
At around 8pm UK time today (04/06/14) you will be offered work by Smates, Jaune and Isaac Cordal.
It's Isaac Cordal's cement sculptures or Cement Eclipses as they have been named by the Spanish born artist that have grabbed the artbleat office's attention.
Isaac makes up situations for his little people using the surrounding buildings or objects and after photographing them leaves them on the street to fend for themselves. Streetart.nl have just a few of these little characters, left over from the collaboration piece that Isaac produced with Jaune.
They are small painted and signed/numbered by the artist.
Go HERE to see the full selection on offer

Isaac Cordal
Lehmie Brothers'
Edition size: 5 pieces
Size: 15cm x 4cm
Price: €150.00 + shipping costs

Cement Eclipses - Follow the leaders series-3'
Edition size: 1 piece
Size: 18cm x 7cm x 5cm
Price: €275.00 + shipping costs


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