Tonight at The Ben Oakley (Thursday 31st) there will be an opening evening for a show consisting of miniature artworks from some of the best talent around. 
Expect to see work from (deep breath): 
Andy Wilx, Asboluv, Hannah Adamaszek, Boywonder, Dillon Akehurst, David Bray, Pam Glew, Ray Richardson, Stuart Fortune, Aiste G, Gonny Van Hulst, Rob Reed, Soft Wax, Yvonne Wayling, Ben Oakley, Claire Swindale, Shirley Falconi, Jimmy South, Carlos Martyn Burgos, Carne Griffiths, Guy Denning, John McCarthy, 616, Ben Murphy, Everett Jaime, Blair Zaye, Fret, Matteo Giuntini, Mark Melvin
Barry Bish, Vanesa Longchamp, Michael Newson, Airborne Mark, Clare Parsons, Orli Ivanov, GIZMOBOTS, DRB, Nikki Hill Smith, Jon Mortimer, Lucy Sparrow, Eddy Suleyman, Hedley Roberts, Lewis Bannister, Becca Smith, Ben Naz, Rowan Newton, Rugman +
So there you go, see you in Greenwich.
Facebook event page HERE
Banner art courtesy of Ray Richardson (just in case you thought I had anything top do with it)

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