Know Hope has his largest and most detailed indoor installation opening on Thursday June 4th at The Carmichael Gallery in L.A.
Incorporating 30,000 paper raindrops. 40,000 feet of fishing twine. 2,500 fishing weights. Hundreds of sheets of cardboard fashioned into miniature works of art and a crowd of life-size cut-out characters. If like me you cant be there (maybe because you live on the other side of the world) there is a preview with prices HERE
As an added extra I just got this from the gallery
"Know Hope has inserted his own mini-paper, The Anytimes,into various publications in news boxes and stands on the streets of Los Angeles. The Anytimes is a special work of art featuring poetry, ponderings,and classic imagery by one of Israel's most important young contemporary voices.Not many copies of The Anytimes exist, however, and no one except Know Hope knows exactly where they have been placed, so be sure to spread the word about this exciting project. You'll need to run to the newsstand yourself to make sure you get one!" (Below)

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