Steal from work have a shop open online with some special work.
This is how they explain it:
"We had a sort out last week and after doing so many shows and hooking up with so many great artists and found we had loads of great art just kicking round the office, when it really should be on someones wall.
So we've spent the best part of a week taking photos (much harder than you'd think) and fiddling with this Internet thing and have finally (touch wood) managed to get it all online, well most of it anyway"

My pick of the bunch is the 60cm X 30cm Acrylic on canvas from CEPT above for £500
However there is lots of original work as well as prints from the likes of Rowdy, Cyclops, C125, Cept, Guy Denning, Dan, Motorboy, Richt, SPQR, Twinkle and Tinsel and more

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