What with this being the release week of the film "Exit Through The Gift Shop" Banksy approached Time Out to produce an exclusive piece of cover art for the issue of Time Out London on sale March 2.
Time Out Say: "The cover, a mixture of self-portraiture and spraypaint, is unlike anything he's ever done for a magazine before and may never be repeated, so we're really proud of it! In addition to the cover, Time Out London's Visual Arts Editor, Ossian Ward, conducted a rare interview with Banksy"
Time Out are selling an exclusive package consisting of a poster/print of the cover image (without cover lines) plus a special edition of the magazine (no cover lines) for £12.99.
The set of poster and the magazine is Ltd to 5,000 pcs and none are hand finished, signed or even touched by Banksy.
Proceeds from each sale will be donated to the Haiti earthquake relief effort
You can buy one HERE

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