Agent Provocateur has unleashed his annual Christmas Thank You/Freebie on his unsuspecting public, this year in the form of a golden plastic wallet decoration. if you want a chance of being in line for next years (if there is one) then you should hot foot it over to his website HERE and sign up for the mailing list.
If you wanted to get your hands on this years edition then read the extract from the email he sent me below.

"Unfortunately none are for sale (at the moment) as they’re freebies to nutters that have supported AP during the car crash that was 2011! 
Never fear tho, if you’re attracted to small shiny things a few have 
been kept back to sell at an exorbitant price that should kick start 
the world economy. Email APHQ to register your interest... 
There are also a couple of gold Selfishges&Co screen printed posters
left plus some regular yellow versions:
S&Co - screen print (gold)
Edition: 5
Size: 18"x 24"
Paper: 150gsm Canford Frosted
Marks: Signed, dated and numbered
Price: £35.00 plus P&P

S&Co- screen print (regular)
Edition: 25
Size: 18"x 24"
Paper: 175gsm Colorplan Citrine
Marks: Signed, dated and numbered
Price: £20.00 plus P&P
Oh and while I'm at it I'm told there are a few of the Comfort Blanket prints left 
Again, email aphq@aprovocateur.co.uk to make sure of delivery before
Comfort Blanket
Size 350x500mm (image size 300x450mm)
 On: Magnani Litho Paper
Edition of 10 signed and numbered
 Cost: £65.00 + P&P

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