It's your last chance to have a wander around RYCA's Solo show at King Of Paint in Bristol  as it will be closing it's doors on 31st December.
There are a couple of show prints available, the best in my humble opinion being the Splat Butterfly (Series Two)  variations, these are available in the K.O.P. store on line, and at the gallery. Each print is a 50cm X 50cm hand finished mix of Giclee and Screen print and each in its own 1/1 unique colour combination.

 Splat Butterfly - Series 2
Edition of Unique Colours each signed and numbered 1/1
Measures up at: 50cm X 50cm
Medium: Giclee and Silkscreen print with hand finishing.
Cost: £90 + P&P
17 Remaining, available HERE

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