The Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich hosts a spread of new works by Veta Gorner fron Friday 9th November, her first solo show in a couple of years.
Not knowing the artist before I got wind of this show, a quick look at her website HERE convinced me I may need to make a little more space on my walls for a new addition.
Press release follows as it's easier to cut and paste than type tonight. 

Parallel Play
A Fresh and exciting Solo exhibition of New Works by Veta Gorner.
Preview Evening 9th November 2012    6.30 – 9.30pm 
Veta is a multi-instrumentalist high quality Printmaker.using her own Press she creates powerful unique etchings, lithographs drypoint, screenprints, colographs and processes that have not even been named yet.
Technically excellent her works are strong in colour and delicate in content, they carry a dense raw energy that are aesthetically balanced, some built up from layers of the finest hand made papers with waxes and thread woven through, it is in the detail that you can read the time consuming journey that goes into each individual piece.

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