UPDATE 21/11
 Added a few photos from the show. More on the artbleat facebook page HERE
A few arty things going on around London on Thursday night, which you should know about, and as Laz won't extend the guest list for their do, I won't mention it until Friday. 

Just up the road from Laz however is the Nancy Victor gallery who are hosting AfroFabRicatiOn by Louis Masai.

"Louis is famed for his large scale, street pieces depicting animals adorned with human attributes. His work currently focuses on African Fabric patterns, this concept has crept seamlessly into this exciting new collection in the form of the Pencil Case Thieves."

Not knowing about Louis's work before this show I'm eager to get along and sample the delights first hand that so far I've only seen online.
Have a look at the facebook page for map and info and check back here later for some opening night photos.  

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