UPDATE: 16/04
OK I hold my hands up to this on.. I was wrong, the expected rush never happened, there are still loads left and will be until Wed 24th when the timed release ends. Doh! 

1XRun will be dropping a four and a five colour hand pulled screen print by A.S.V.P at around 5pm UK time on Monday 15th.

Available in a 22X30 inch Red and Black edition of 25 and Pink with a metallic black to blue fade, edition of only 20, both for around the $200 mark, and if you have the wall space they have a couple of the Red and Black 50inch versions too.

You will need to sign up for a 1XRun account before you can purchase. You can do this HERE to avoid wasting time in the bun fight
Expect a rush on this as A.S.V.P. seem to be the hottest thing out of New York at the moment. 

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