Hang-Up gallery currently host, in their new space in Stoke Newington, the latest work from KennardPhillipps. The show is titled Blue Murder and features the work of Peter Kennard and Kat Phillipps
You may, at first look of the photos below, think that this is a show of defaced images of
David Cameron (UK prime minister for overseas readers) but on closer inspection you will find that:
 "the exhibition investigates social decline and conservative ideologies that exist in contemporary society. By utilizing deprived materials such as newsprint, charcoal and ink, the artists have ripped away at layers to reveal the ‘destruction of the welfare state’."

artbleat's political correspondent was dispatched to North London with a covert camera to record the event.
The show continues until 26th May so please go and see it.

All Photos skillfully crafted by M.Newson

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