UPDATE 10/11/14
The show is over if you missed it you missed out.
There are a few show photos going up on the artbleat facebook page, mainly of a room with folk in as I have yet to master the art of taking photos of glass framed things and not getting any reflection.
I am guessing Nick may have some work up on his website soon which you can find HERE


"Nick JS Thompson’s documentation of the varied remnant military structures of the Atlantic Wall on the small island of Fanø, Denmark, serves to highlight the impact that they have had on the island and questions what view residents and visitors take on them." 

Private View is tonight (06/11) at 6pm at Doomed Gallery, Dalston.
Not usually the kind of thing I would cover on artbleat, but after talking to Nick recently and feeling his passion for the images he took away from Fanø, I think I would be foolish not to pop along and see his work for myself.
The show is only on for four days so try not to miss it if you are in the area, if you are not I will have some images up as soon as possible.
Facebook Event Page HERE  
This show is part of Photomonth

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