The pair of artists that work under the banner of Static were amongst the group artists that attracted me into this blogging game, some of the first to confirm my suspicions that artists could be approachable, not hiding behind a wall of secrecy or too big and important to talk to someone with a badly named blog and no actual idea what he's doing.
So of course I've followed their transition from stencil,print,collage,collaborations and now some of the most gorgeous layered glass works I've seen.
The point I'm trying to get to in a rambling roundabout way is it great to see an artist progress and rise up through the ranks and still retain a grounded attitude. So I was more than pleased to receive two emails over the past week or so from the boys, one regarding a show at The Playboy Club in London next week, which I'll come to later and the second explaining what they have been up to recently. It seems that Static were approached a while back to design a jacket to tie in with the release of the new Call Of Duty A/W game. The "Hero Jacket" as it is proudly called is to have a limited production run of only 80pcs and is to be given to "Real Heroes" of the game (and a couple of sponsors) and will not be for sale.
Have a look at the video below to see the production process. 

Static are at the moment (as I write this) attending the release party for the Hero Jacket in Copenhagen, I know I usually like to announce a free booze party or PV that you can amble down to, but as there was no chance of getting into this one I felt no need for a formal "Heads Up"
However I am planning to celebrate this event with one of the rare artbleat giveaway competitions, I'm just waiting to see what I can give away. I will know on Monday when I will pass the exciting news on to you and work out how you can enter, it will be good but suffice to say it ain't gonna be a Hero Jacket.  

At some point the original artwork on canvas featuring their Chinook chandelier image will be auctioned off and the money raised will be given to charity, the auction is not live yet but when it is you will be able to access it HERE at the Hero Jacket website (Yes! The jacket does have it's own website)


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