Update: 23:45  08/03/2012
"Sorry No Photos"
"What , I'm not allowed to take a couple of photos on my phone?"
"But I thought your no guest list policy was due to your view that art was for everybody, Can I not take a couple of photos to show someone that may not be able to get down"
"No you might be wanting to make a copy"
"What like I could be wanting to go home, load the photos into my PC and run off a few 377cm X 635cm Installations to sell cheap on eBay?"
"Sorry! No Photos"

So here is a photo of some show flyers and a beer on the pavement outside the White Cube in Mason's Yard.
The work was very Gilbert & George.

Gilbert & George from around 4pm this evening at a White Cube near you.
Photos to follow (fingers crossed)

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