The Urban artist TRXTR is asking artbleat's readers to submit their own interpretation of his new artwork "FATIMA'S OTHER FINGER".
The most perceptive comment will win one of 9 signed and numbered archival proofs of the image.
The print measures 60cm X 45cm on 300gsm cotton rag, and is valued at £200.
You can leave you entries/comments here on artbleat (but do remember to log in to blogger with your google account as an anonymous post is not going to cut the mustard) or HERE on the competition post on the artbleat facebook page.
Trxtr will read the comments on deadline day Tuesday 10th April and award the prize.

The original mixed media on canvas will be auctioned in the Bonhams Urban Art Sale on the 29th March details HERE
TRXTR's website is HERE
PRESS RELEASE for the competition follows with a small artspeak warning
   Just back from wheat-pasting and camel-riding with the Bedouins in the Sinai desert and hot on the heels of his first London solo show 'PRETTY LETHAL', UK Artist TRXTR has his next solo gig lined up in the toxic cocktail of Las Vegas this Autumn - aptly named 'LUCKED UP'. 
Trxtr's work explores social and  moral issues and his distinctive style uses a wide variety of techniques fusing together the art of photography and painting.   This is not an artist who is wedded to any particular medium, but for him a rather more Machiavellian 'ends justifies the means' approach whilst acknowledging the historical importance of photography and painting.   

His work is described as thought-provoking, poignant, current and seductively captivating showing us  an eclectic mix of atmospheres and emotions, as are the techniques he uses to produce them. Their overall effect is disturbing and alluring in equal measure. Concerns about exploitation, globalization and corruption appear over and over again, but the tone is ambivalent. He is not preaching to us, but reproducing some of the sickly sweet images of commercialism in a way that it is genuinely hard to tell if he is celebrating them or railing against them.


Fuko Mzungu said...

"Fatima's other finger" is a tribute to all young women of the Green Revolution who were the first ones to take on the streets and protest against, not only, their oppressive leadership but the unequal society there are living in.

This young generation of women, part of the Facebook generation, had very high hopes - hopes that the youth of Arab countries would change and stop stigmatise women to treat them as equal to men... The stars in her eyes is the reflection of women's hopes and dreams during the Arab spring !!

The un-veiled Muslim girl wearing western clothes (helmet, sunglasses, T-shirt) is blessed by the hand of Hamsa around her neck and its middle-eye, which protects her against the evil eye of extremists. Armed, she is fighting for her right and ready for hand-to-hand combat and she proudly raise her hand in a V-for-victory sign to show the world that the Green Revolution was before all a Women's Revolution.

The emphasized two fingers of the victory are now placed above the five fingers of Fatima's hand, the five pillars of Islam !! Sadly, one year after, nothing has changed for women in Tunisia and Egypt. Young men who sat and fought for days next to these women are now ignoring them... and the drafting of new constitutions in Arab countries will not guarantee equal citizenship.

This picture is to me an homage to Aliaa Magda Elmahdy who published nude photo of her in her blog to fight against violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy. She lives now under a constant death threats. Nude without a single weapon but a camera or heavily armed and westernized, both girls fight for the same things, freedom and equal citizenship and they are the real hidden heroes of the Arab spring.

Thomas Husbands said...

Tank girl is going to look great up on my wall!!!


Fuko Mzungu wins the print with a brilliant interpretation of this image, she really nailed it. Thanks to all the the contributors.

If Fuko would like to give me her address I will send her the print asap.

Thanks for your participation.